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It's very hard to follow in the footsteps of a famous parent.

Yes, it can bring advantages but the offspring will forever be compared to the father or mother and their own achievements will rarely be taken in isolation.

This week at Prestatyn, the sons of both Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry - the two most successful players of the modern era - are taking part in the Pontin's junior festival.

Greg Davis has entered the 15-20 age group event while Blaine Hendry competes in the 14 and unders.

It was inevitable given their upbringing that these two boys would become interested in snooker.

It would, of course, ask a lot for them - or anyone else for that matter - to emulate the careers of their fathers.

But their fledgling careers will doubtless provide moments of excitement for Steve and Stephen, who both had fathers committed to helping them on their way.

Bill Davis was for many years a permanent fixture at tournaments with his large cigar and amiable manner.

Gordon Hendry similarly shared the twists and turns of his own son's amazing career.

They were there before TV and fame and money, driving their sons to tournaments and equipping them with the tools to become top players.

The focus on young Davis and Hendry will be greater because of their lineage and this could lead to unfavourable comparisons through no fault of their own.

But they are at an age where they should just enjoy playing snooker - and leave the worrying to their dads.

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Postby Casey

Blaine Hendry will be the next player to dominate :ahh: Sorry Hendry haters <laugh>


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Does anyone know what these lads are like on the table? I agree the pressure on these 2 will be massive. Especially Blain. I can remember Gregg playing his dad in the q zone once. Anybody know any info on these lads high breaks ect.


Postby Wildey

case_master wc wrote:Blaine Hendry will be the next player to dominate :ahh: Sorry Hendry haters <laugh>

People talk about Luca Bracel but he hasent got what Blaine has.

Hendry as a surname <laugh>