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Fair play in snooker... long may it continue

Postby Andre147

Here is an article by the Daily Star with some quotes from Shaun Murphy prior to the tournament currently being playd, the Masters 2013.


SNOOKER’S Shaun Murphy has launched an astonishing attack on ­footballers who con referees – and has branded the antics a “cancer” in the sport.

Murphy, 30, who reached the final of last year’s Betfair Masters, wants to go one step further at the Alexandra Palace this time around.

And the world No.4 is proud of the ­etiquette in snooker that often sees players call fouls on themselves, rather than wait for the referee.

But ex-world champion Murphy, a Manchester United fan and a regular visitor to Old Trafford, just cannot ­understand why the national sport is so different – and says the “beautiful game” is anything but.

The Englishman’s blast comes a week after Liverpool’s Luis Suarez failed to own up over a blatant handball in the build-up to his goal in the FA Cup Third Round tie against Mansfield.

Murphy said: “Footballers don’t own up, do they? We would call a foul on ­ourselves and a golfer would admit to moving the ball – but in our national game, the same doesn’t apply.

“I have been in the presence of young teams and some youth coaches where they are telling their players to claim throw-ins and to say it was their ball, whether it was or wasn’t.

“It is instilled in them from a young age. The general etiquette of life and of other sports, gentlemanly conduct and so on, doesn’t happen in football.

“They appeal for the ball when it’s not theirs, they say they didn’t foul someone when they did and they ­handle the ball and then don’t own up.

“I find it a disgrace – and I say that as someone who loves football and watches it all the time. Some blame has to lie with the players.

“But it is like a cancer running through football. It is horrible. I go to Old Trafford and even the players I ­support do it.

“If Suarez owned up and the ref thinks it was an accident and allows it, at least the player has done the right thing. But it is not just him, anyway.

“Generally, it is pathetic and it is ­unfortunate that every kid wants to be a Premier League footballer and is ­influenced by what they do.

“If there were players in snooker who regularly didn’t own up to fouls, didn’t call push shots on themselves and tried to pinch millimetres on miss shots, they would be viewed very badly.

“We are not without it but 99 per cent of the lads on the Tour are honest and would rather win beating you fair and square. That’s how you are brought up.

“It is like that in snooker, golf and ­tennis as well.

“But football is untouchable, it seems. It’s okay to swear at everyone once the ref blows his whistle.

“When I do have children, I wouldn’t want them getting into it because it doesn’t look that great.”

The Masters tournament starts today but Murphy starts his bid for the £175,000 first prize against Ricky Walden on Tuesday.

He added: “Nobody wants to tell their grandchildren that they were very ­consistent, you wantSEnSto show them trophies.

“I want to add this title to my world and UK ­victories.

“I have as good a chance as ­anyone.

“I am well prepared and my game is in good shape at the moment.” ... e-to-pot-/

Some very intersting things Shaun said there, and I also share with his oppinion... it's sad that in most sports, football in particular as he mentions, fair play is really not into the mind of the players. Soprt should always be about competing and winning yes, but not winning at any cost possible. if you make something that's against the rules of that sport, you should always own the foul you just made.

It is with great satisfacion that i say that the sport I love most, snooker, fair play is present in almost 100% of players, and for that long may t continue that way.

Re: Fair play in snooker... long may it continue

Postby Andre147

and this of course follows a situation today in the match between Shaun and Ricky Walden where when trailing 5-4, Ricky had just got the snooker he needed, and was lying up a shot on the final blue to play safe, but was leaning over the black, and unfortunately touched the black with it's waistcoat, and immediatly own to that foul.

Tha's what fair play is all about, and not winning at any cost possible or cheating.

Re: Fair play in snooker... long may it continue

Postby Wildey

im all for Gamesmanship (slowing down tactics etc) but when a foul is committed and the refs or nobody else sees it then i would call it because its just downright cheating.