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Postby moondan

When I was growing up, my mother always said, "you must have your greens", this of course was when the nation ate a more healthy diet and chips were a friday night treat.
She was referring to the vegtable family but I am referring to 3-4 greens expensively missed by the 2 greatest players to grace our game.
Each miss sent shock waves through our beings in a way I cant recall before. Such was the simplicity of the shots the failure left me truely speechless.
Both Hendry and O'sullivan had their excuses but they were weak and explained nothing other than decline.

I am enjoying the welsh championships, I always do, it is regretful that this past two years the bbc have had to cut its investment in the tournament, but they have to live in the real world and budget cuts are a fact of life through all sports and snooker is not immune to such realities. I do miss the visits to the various grassroots clubs that helped mould all the present and past great welsh players.
Poetry, and great snooker, have much in common and the welsh have in the past, woven them beautifully together. I do miss that.

In a tournament thus far, neither player has had their greens and while they may not be seeing little green men in their dreams, its a fair bet that green is not their favourite colour.
While watching all this unfold, it prompted in me a few questions that are worth posing.
This is not a who is greatest thread, Im simply suggesting that while Ronnie is looking good in patches, his long and short game is looking suspect and while he is eventually winning the frame, he has along the way presented 2-3 easy chances for his opponant, who has failed to take advantage.
Ive long been of the opinion that I am not watching great snooker, and many of the new breed are just born and bred potters who go for everything because that was the Hendry way.
The fact that Hendry did it almost to perfection, because he was that good, is completely lost on the new kids on the block and they should first and formost understand that they are just not in his class.
To bolster the point, is the fact that 2 of Hendrys pupils seem to be ruling them with their B and C games in an era where its claimed the standard has never been better.

Watching these two greatest of players this week and assessing their state of decline they seem to be at, it makes me wish for a meeting between them.
The last time they met over a distance of frames proved an embarrassing mis-match but now Im not so sure of the outcome should we be lucky enough to see such a match.
Hendry seems to have found a new lease of life and Ronnie seems to be hanging on, not because he is showing his best but more his opponant is not giving him a match.
Selby of course is the exception to my criticism, and only he and Robertson seem to be definite top 4 players with any stability, the rest seem to be destined to become yo yo's in and era where flash is snookers aim and substance is on the run.


Postby Rocket_ron

very good article there moondan <ok>
very interesting read on your views, yes they do seem to be having probs with their greens, ronnie green to win masters ronnie green yesturday while on a 147.

noticed aswell with ronnie not sure if its a sub psychologically but he has done a few cracking doubles this week, well it was a double that won selby the masters. only a hunch


Postby Wildey

if i see another green on my plate in a restaurant ill be throwing the plate at the nearest wall <laugh>


Postby moondan

Wild, I was gobsmacked for an hour, The same with Ronnies.

I would love to see them meet , especially the worlds, there would be no easy meat now.