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Interesting article regarding ambidextrous children

Postby Sickpotter

ROS's greatest issue is often finding the focus needed to play his peak game and there have been numerous suggestions as to the cause, the primary one suggested being bi-polar disorder.

I was doing a little reading and thought it might be relevant to ROS's situation and why he blows hot and cold or lacks focus.

I don't know if Ronnie's completely ambidextrous but perhaps this information will help shed some light on his situation and offer another possible cause.

Personally, I can play a few pots right handed but I'm far from being ambidextrous. That said, I do everything right handed except play snooker so perhaps I'm partially amibidextrous and so might show some of the symptoms. I've always found it difficult to maintain focus for long stretches so perhaps I'm slightly ADHD :chin:

Re: Interesting article regarding ambidextrous children

Postby Sickpotter

I play equally well with the rest, left or right I suck :ashamed:

Given I use my left more often it's a bit better than my right but I did use to alternate. Probably my lacking focus on using one hand or the other hurt my ability with the rest.

Like just about all snooker players I loath the instrument and it's by far the weakest aspect of my game. That said I've been experimenting with how I hold the cue lately and seem to be getting a bit more consistent with my delivery. Consistency has always been my issue with the rest but with a general improvement in that area at least I don't shy from taking the right shot if the rest is involved.

I don't know about the rest of you but in the past I've refused to take on the "right" shot because I didn't want to use the rest and risk leaving my opponent in. Plain old lack of confidence in the implement and plain stupidity to think the problem would go away by avoiding using it :roll:

Re: Interesting article regarding ambidextrous children

Postby Eirebilly

Most players are comfortable using the rest with their other hand, as a right handed player i can honestly say that i cant use the rest and play with my left hand even though i can pot naturally with my left hand.

Re: Interesting article regarding ambidextrous children

Postby Roland

The way I got confident with the rest was to practice pushing the cue through in a straight line. Even before playing a rest shot in a game I find this helps me - just move to the side, picture the shot and practice pushing in a straight line all the way through the follow through. It soon becomes second nature.