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World Snooker Statement re: Wildcards

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Following recent conjecture about the World Snooker Players Contract, we would like to make clear that the contract has been put in place in order to protect the interests of the game of snooker for the benefit of the players, broadcasters, sponsors, promoters and most importantly the fans.

Much like those in Golf and Tennis, the contract lays out to the players what is expected of them as professional sportsmen.

98 of the 99 professional tour players have signed the contract.

Under the terms of the contract, players can choose which events they would like to take part in. However, players may be penalised if they enter events and withdraw from them without a valid reason. This is mirrored across all sports.

World Snooker allows for wild cards in certain events outside of the UK in order to give local players opportunity and experience in world class events and to develop talent in important markets. Wild cards are only available to amateur players from the host country or region, and they are selected in conjunction with World Snooker, the WPBSA, the National Governing Body and the Promoter of the event.

Which relates to this: ... -did-next/
He (Ronnie O'Sullivan) (or more likely his management at Grove) have chosen the Chinese Twitter equivalent Weibo to tell fans what he thinks. In this two tweet edict from earlier this month, he maps out in no uncertain terms that he is more than happy to compete in events over in China as a wildcard, assuming that is that promoters meet his increasingly inflating financial demands, demands which seem on the face of it to be inflating at a rate directly correlating with his ego.

This is what he said (with the typos corrected):

‘Have not signed my new tour contract as it is too restrictive – therefore I will not play until Shanghai, I would still like to enter events such as Shanghai if the local promoter allows me as a wildcard for example – not concerned about ranking points now’

‘Snooker must start to operate like golf / tennis In the future – players can choose which events they enter, can compete from Qual Round 1, can recieve a wildcard spot and promoters can pay additional appearance fees to guarantee the top stars.’

So the question is, is this a feasible option? Can Ronnie, who whilst out of contract can effectively be classed as an amateur, be invited at will by sponsors to a tournament which he can win without receiving any prize money or ranking points but in the background receive more than he would have done had he competed as a professional?

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Re: World Snooker Statement re: Wildcards

Postby Wildey

i abuse nobody they are only words and a way of expressing disbelief at what people say.

anyway on topic

when i read the snookerbacker post yesterday i was laughing my head off at the arrogance of the man and proceeded to tweet which i wont repeat due to "Oh and Wild - swearing/abusive posts will be deleted!"

i tweeted a angry looking tweet while laughing yes thats right <ok>

Re: World Snooker Statement re: Wildcards

Postby Alpha

It's all getting a bit grubby now. Whether it's about appearance money, image rights or being forced to play in meaningless tournaments, neither Hearn, Ferguson, O'Sullivan or his management come up smelling of roses.

Re: World Snooker Statement re: Wildcards

Postby Dannyboy

This Wuxi tournament is worthless though - look at the crowds. This morning (didn't watch the afternoon), the place was deserted! Who wants to play in tournaments like that?

I thought wildcards didn't receive prize money anyway?

Re: World Snooker Statement re: Wildcards

Postby SteveJJ

They don't receive prize money but it appears that appearance money could be paid as an incentive to enter instead - but as the statement says, only in your area/region.