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Radio 4 Today Programme

Postby Roland

On the Today Programme this morning (which I listen to on the way to work) at 0825 they had an article on snooker. They promised Hearn was going to be on the line but meantime they had some journalist guy who:

- said he loves it when Ebdon takes hours thinking about a safety shot
- was strongly in favour of best of 30+ frame matches
- rubbished 6 reds and shot clocks
- when asked if he could change one thing about snooker he said he would stop the walk on music seen at the Masters!

This guy was obviously meant to represent the traditionalist but I reckon he was told what point of view to have and which side of the argument he was to take and milk it to the extreme. He introduced himself as a boring man.

Barry Hearn didn't answer his phone <doh>

Well done Bazza - never misses a trick! <doh>