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Former junior billiards champ is thick chump

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DIM mugger Peter Gamblin answered a mobile he had just stolen - and gave his name and address to the caller.

The former England junior billiards champion, 24, was "full of bravado" moments after robbing Jonathan Franke while he was on the phone, a court was told.

Pal Joe Dale, on the other end of the line, heard someone say 'Give me money' before the phone went dead.

He redialled and Gamblin answered, staying on the line for 42-minutes. Mr Dale notified cops.

Prosecutor David Outterside told Lincoln Crown Court: "Gamblin was full of bravado when he answered and gave his name and address.

"Perhaps he thought he was on top of the world, or perhaps he did not know how to hang up."

Gamblin, of Lincoln, denied robbery but was convicted and warned that jail was likely.

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Re: Former junior billiards champ is thick chump

Postby JohnFromLondonTown

eirebilly wrote:Not the straightest cue in the rack <laugh>

Poor bloke must have been desperate.

Morning Billy, All.

Nice to see you on here mate. <ok>

I see the 'other' thread has been closed down on the beeb. Its amazing how negative articles can always run up 100+ posts but try & get a good Snooker discussion on the go & it seems, unfortunately, to fall on deaf ears. Hopefully we'll have some good discussion & cráic on here.

Anyway, as said, nice to see you on here geezer. :)