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South West Snooker Academy Advent Calendar

Postby Sarah Mount

Hi Guys!

We have our own online advent calendar running on the South West Snooker Academy website between now and Xmas. Each day we will be posting videos, interviews and pics that we hope you will enjoy watching, reading and looking at. We will be bringing exclusive pics from our Xmas party later in the month as well as Xmas themed items from the players. If none of that interests you then at least come and have a look at the players dressed as cartoon elves! :)

If you'd like to have a look then please follow the link below:

Many thanks!


Re: South West Snooker Academy Advent Calendar

Postby Sarah Mount

Thanks Sonny and aussiewild! We thought it was something a bit different.

Tony does look surprisingly good as an elf but my personal favourites are Jamie O'Neill who has taken on the role of the naughty elf and Andrew Norman-he has the biggest grin!!! Reanne also makes a very happy elf!

Behind today's window is a treat for all Jimmy White fans.

Lots of interviews and exclusive pics to come over the next few days including pics from our On Q Promotions Xmas party which is happening later in the month.

Thanks again guys!