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Rodney Walker ousted as Chairman of World Snooker

Postby Roland

Today saw a vote of no confidence in Rodney Walker as Chairman of World Snooker. He was voted out by 32 votes to 24 representing a turn out of 56 votes out of the possible 72. This means that 16 people absteined or were consumed by apathy. One of these can be let off the hook as he is currently eating slugs and getting diahorrea in a jungle somewhere near Australia.

Todays news is all over the snooker network: ... 391320.stm ... r-takeover ... 941451.ece,19528, ... 80,00.html ... -chairman/ ... irman.html ... ement.html ... t-agm.html ... ed_1124338

It marks a significant day in the life of this great sport. Let's just hope the future is as bright as some are forecasting.