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Dave H about Ford, Focus and PTC

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So Tom Ford won the third Players Tour Championship and with it £10,000.

He is a player, like so many, blessed with considerable talent who has underachieved. By his own admission he has not dedicated himself to his career as he should have done, preferring evenings out on the lash to an early night readying himself for another day's practising.

Tom explained when he qualified for the Crucible earlier this year that Mark Selby, his fellow Leicester player, provided the perfect inspiration. Selby is a hard worker and success has followed. Ford wants a piece of that too.

Not enough snooker players over the years have realised that what they do really is a profession.

In fairness, when there's six or seven weeks between matches it can't feel like one.

That's all changed now: PTC4 starts at the end of the week and is followed shortly afterwards by the qualifiers for the World Open.

Ford has never really played well on television but everyone knows how good he is. Hopefully this win can be the springboard for a successful season.

I was pleased to see Jack Lisowski reach the final. Only two years ago he had cancer. If anyone was going to grab the opportunity to play professional snooker with both hands it would be Jack.

This season is going to be very interesting. Why? Because there's so much snooker to be played.

The likes of Ford and Lisowski will hope to use the confidence gained from the PTC and go forward with it. That's the value of this new series.

And even the players who lost early have reason for cheer: they can make amends this week.

I think indeed Hearn is doing a great job with this series. I remember reading a quote by Ronnie ying that when he played as a youngster, one of the great things was that there was always something going on, something to look forward to even when you just got kicked out of a tournament ... Hearn brings these days back and hopefully it will do a lot for the young players and for the game as a whole.

Re: Dave H about Ford, Focus and PTC

Postby Wildey

Theres no doubt about it this will increase the standards across the board not only in match practice but players that has a good run in the PTC will go in to other tournaments confident and under less pressure because they got Ranking Points in the Bag.

Shaun Murphy has had a bad start so he will go in to the shanghai masters desperate for Points to maintain a Ranking where Selby will go in flying.