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Who's the Clown Now?

Postby Roland

I’m thinking of doing my own rendition of the David Cassidy/Peter Ebdon classic ‘I am a Clown’, maybe as a novelty record for Christmas. Does anyone know any celebrities that might want to take part? Anyway, that is certainly the way I feel this morning after falling for our Pete’s Official Statement last week.

Married life is obviously doing him good as he seemed to brush away the youngster Michael White in a flash last night after telling us all last week that he was playing like a turd if playing at all (I’m paraphrasing there). Whether he felt some sort of liberation by doing this or whether there were more devious motives we will never know. I suspect it’s the former and he’s probably quite embarrassed about it, but that’s something that Peter is used to of course, the ponytail, the (s)’hit’ records, it’s par for the course for our Ebbo.

On a serious note though I hope this isn’t something that is going to become the norm. It’s very nice of the players to keep us up to date with their every move but why not just join Twitter or Facebook and do it that way? There is nothing like uncovering that last fragment of evidence that you need for an informed bet rather than having it plastered all over the place.

This is just classic:



Right, time to say what you think about Ebdon's statement now he's won his match 5-1

Re: Who's the Clown Now?

Postby Casey

Snooker would be worse off without Peter Ebdon! The guy is crazy but entertaining for sure, although I doubt he would release such a statement again.

Did it have an effect on the match? Only White knows that.

Re: Who's the Clown Now?

Postby Wildey

anyone who thought the statement would have a bearing on the match was kidding themselves it was a stupid statement but speaking from my point of view if i was a player id have taken no notice of it and play one point and one frame on merit worrieng about my next shot...thats how you win matches and tournaments if you worry what your opponent does you got no hope.and im sure white thought the same going in to the match.