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BSA - British Snooker Academies (Portugal)

Postby João_SnookerPlanet

BSA is an innovative portuguese company, dedicated to snooker promotion, including clubs and academies, events and more. Our first academy/club was recently open in Matosinhos (Rua D. João I, 292) and we are already thinking of opening another one in Lisbon, the capital, where we can find more conditions that would raise the success of our company and, consequently, develop snooker in Portugal. We want to demonstrate credibility and dedication and find more support that will help us to achive our goals and fulfil BSA's high potential.

Our website is under construction...

Visit our facebook page:

Contact: (Hugo Gois)

Re: BSA - British Snooker Academies (Portugal)

Postby João_SnookerPlanet

quintahunter wrote:Hi Joao,

Do you know of BSA is planning to open in other countries? Spain, for example...

Hi, we already thought about that. If we achieve considerable success in Portugal it'll be great to expand our company to Spain or even to other countries. At the moment we're trying to find a place in Lisbon...