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snooker will be included at African Games

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snooker will be included at African Games

18th June 2010
By Staff Writer

The African Billiard & Snooker Federation has confirmed that snooker and other cue sports will be included in the African Games for the first time when Africa's Olympics are held in Mozambique next year.
To cap a great year for the development of snooker in Africa, the winner of the All African Snooker Championships has won a place in the World Open, when Egypt's Mohammed Kayat will take his place alongside the world's top professional snooker players this autumn.

Interest in snooker and pool has been increasing in the region for the past decade and Kayat's 6-1 victory over fellow Egyptian Wael Talaat in Cairo, saw him triumph over competitors from eight countries.

This will not get many of you boys too excited but it just shows how interest for snooker is growing outside UK and British Isles.
Wael Talaat is the coach of the Egysptian team.

Re: snooker will be included at African Games

Postby Wildey


if snooker is included in the AFRICAN games then im excited.

its not a known snooker hotbed how many african players are playing competative match snooker not much i bet so to include it in a country like africa is brilliant for snooker.