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I Won The Junior Tournament In the League !

Postby randam05

Last night I won 3-1 in the final of the junior tournament of our league. Played decent safety and made a few 30+ breaks, so nothing spectacular, but I won!

The junior competition was for under 25s and guess what? I played a 25 year old in the final :irk: I guess thats because if they put it as 18 and under which should be righ for a junior tournament then there wouldnt be enough entrants so they had to raise it to 25.

Anyway a good win and I will attend the massive presentation evening on friday to collect my award and have a drink or two with the whole league and munch away on the free food :dinner: Perfect evening before the kick off of the World Championship!

Then today im off up to Gloucester in about half an hour to the academy for 2 hours practice before meeting Paul Mount again at 1.30 for a further 3 hours practice. Cant wait! Hope to meet any other players that are around. Will tell you how it goes tomorrow. I am also picking up my new riley strachan. 10 proffessional cloth to fit on my table at home by the weekend! :D

Re: I Won The Junior Tournament In the League !

Postby randam05

Alex0paul WC wrote:How did the coaching go?


Basically of recent my snooker has gone to shreds. I have struggled badly. A levels were getting on top of me and I havent been a happy bunny at all. Infact I still have just as much coursework to be doing now, so I cant even relax and enjoy this years worlds or my snooker playing. But hey ho.

Been going through a bad patch in snooker so the coaching was needed.

I went there telling him I had lost everything in my game. He watched me play and said this isnt the player I saw last time at all. He said you lack confidence, not only in your snooker but in your body language, and its true.

But not only that, we noticed my whole alignment on the shot was awful, putting lots of right hand side on every shot naturally, something I had noticed but have played with since I started playing and has worked okay for me. But he said the difference in you making it big in snooker would be sorting this problem out, cause it was a massive problem in all honesty.

So I thought this would take an hour to fix and we could crack on with some different coaching, such a very detailed breakbuilding techniques, more advanced than last time. But it ended up taking the whole three hours paid for, plus extra, almost 4 hours.

It was the most tideous, fustrating, hard worked thing ive ever done. Mentally draining and physically I was aching. Sorting out your sighting and alignment is VERY difficult. We did numerous excercises to sort it out and it wasnt working for ages but finally sorted it out.

Its fixed but Ive gone back to square one potting wise. He said it was a problem that will stop you becoming a regular century maker and take the game further, it was a real bad problem that needed to be sorted really.

Ive taken one step back to go 2 steps forward he said. So basically im marmite now! But as I practice and keep working with this new alignment which at the moment feels awful! I will progressively and quicker get much better than before. It wasnt too bad around the black spot, but it got the point where I couldnt pot a long ball. Basically its going to take a LOT of patience, motivation, determination and pure hard work. But im going to set up a TV in the snooker room for the worlds and work on it during it. Especially as I bought a tournament strachan riley no.10 clothe while I was there which is being fit today :D :D

Its going to be a struggle that looks like its going nowhere at the moment. It will be worth it I keep telling myself! Just try not to get stressed and persist with it. Also obviously now I have to re adjust the potting angle cause im not putting the right hand side on, it was so techincal beyond belief. Seriously.

But he said he sees great potential in me If I can sort this problem out. Its going to be really hard :sad: