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Gauging interest - please sign up

Postby chengdufan

I realise that the 2020 Snooker Island World Championship (SIWC) has not really worked, with COVID throwing quite the spanner in the works. We still await SnookerEd having the opportunity to play his frames to see if he or AcesInc progresses to the final to play Johnny Bravo.

However, I would like to try to organise another contest to run over the next few weeks, concluding before the end of the Crucible.

It would involve you going out to play snooker once or twice over the four weeks between April 12th and May 3rd. Whether you need to play a second time will depend on how well you do in your first outing. You'll need a real life playing partner and will need to play at least two, preferably three frames each outing.

I won't explain the full format here, but it will be similar to the previous contest in that we will be looking at break scores. There will be a much higher probablility of upsets though than in the SIWC.

We need at least 8 players for it to work, though 4-7 would be ok at a stretch.

If you think you will have a chance to play snooker in the next month, please sign up to join this contest by replying here. Let me know if you're interested by Sunday (11th), and if there are enough people out there with interest and a snooker table available, I'll start a new thread for the competition on Monday.

Re: Gauging interest - please sign up

Postby Running side

Juddernaut88 wrote:Snooker clubs are still closed in UK unfortunately, rumours are they may re-open 17th May.

Mine opening may20

Re: Gauging interest - please sign up

Postby acesinc

I am a little disappointed in you, Snooker Island. I expected a TLDR dancing zebra with my post above. :-D

Juddernaut88 wrote:Do some of you have snooker clubs already open :shock:

Rekoons and I are just foolish enough to have made it a life goal to acquire a personal table. Mine sat in my large basement collecting dust for twenty years as I occasionally practiced on it since I am one of about a half dozen people in this third most populous nation on the planet to play this game apparently. Then I started a company, expanded, moved my workshop into a warehouse a couple miles away, installed the snooker table there to begin an impromptu "snooker club" of about ten people now. I live out in the sticks, well outside the city, and the virus has not been much of an issue out our way. My life and that of my friends and family that I see regularly is pretty solitary out here, my wife works at home and I work at home and in my shop/warehouse. Just need to do the normal, intelligent things when going out in public like the grocery store or chemist or whatever.

Rekoons outdid even my stupidity. He built a building in his garden specifically to house his snooker paradise for he and a few of his friends to idle away the hours.

Re: Gauging interest - please sign up

Postby acesinc

For Chengdufan, please don't be disappointed by the lack of response. Strange times we live in. I know you wanted this comp to coincide with the World Championship but if it waits a few weeks or months, no problem. Post again when clubs have been open for a while and the players will come.

Re: Gauging interest - please sign up

Postby chengdufan

Yes, no worries. Thanks for the interest everyone.

I didn't realise the clubs were still closed in the UK. We'll get something up and running when they reopen