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Re: How did the snooker table arrive in Latvia?

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Re: How did the snooker table arrive in Latvia?

Postby TheSaviour

But what do they eat in Latvia?? As the saying goes, you are what you are eating. So the concepts must be correct to you, no matter how it is..

Personally I have been thinking if I also could be a sausage-man, and got some feedbacks from my previous to bes.. So in Poland, geographically close to Latvia, there are some strange patterns. Given that theirs forests and lakes are full of game, it is a strange they are just a pork country. Some super german-owned beer halls in Krakow and Warsow does sell some great currywurts and raflin.... But a tad expensive ones.

And this is of course not going to work out. (Money, money, money). And this is of course going to work out.

Will there be in Riga (because of the tables) the biggest shock since the relatives found Einstein´s d1ck from his cousins pu.... lol.

Don´t know.. J Higgins versus Ronnie - rivalry.. I have heard and the statistics also points it out, that even the most truly extraordinary naturally gifted players are being pulverized by the players. But I am still thinking that was I still in right place at the right time and got the essentials spot on AND that those "shocks" are still about to happen.

A week still means life, if you ask me. Just go through that soft drinking bender while waiting and waiting.. Not hard but soft. As during the hard bender you are just feeling so extremely poorly. So Ronnie still rules..?? Strange if they still will keep on mimicing him. But a one thing about the wits and sense is that there wouldn´t be a such a thing as a wit if you wouldn´t need to believe you got it right.

But a mind is always stronger than the material. That´s why some people, for example, can down some great amounts of alcohol without much any negative effects. It is all about how you think that whatever you are drinking is going to effect. I have a zero proofs that it would be a case. But still.. Come on..

And about that zero. I also have been intrigued by the possibility of getting those zero results. I am not talking abut that game where they are targeting of getting it. That´s for the nutters and for the deluded only. But I am talking about Rod Lawler. Still the most valuable player on the tour, by a a country mile. Those who are monotoring the results aint no dumb; they do notice if some patterns just keeps on happening, and they will do something about it. But there just aint any way to even notice anything unsual if the winning patterns are a zero. There just simply isn´t any statistics where it would read so. So that VALUE-guy also got it spot on.. A futuristic way to play the game!

I can fix a lots of things. It is always just about deleting some files, changing the settings, and re-booting the whole thing a few times. The people have been making me to fix theirs systems as a joke. But the joke for the joke. Whatever system or flix it is, give a few hours time and I will make it to work.

Lots of things are something which just aren´t there. It is just about making the players to think those are flawless tables. Same thing as about anything; just making people to think it is the physics or how we removed something is what does all the difference. But in reality it always is just what you are thinking about thtat which does tell the result.

So I am thinking about downing some quality English dry ciders while in reality downing some cheap rubbish outseas ones.. A 3 or 4 years means tad nothing. 10 years goes on and someone says that should we start to say something about him or her.. No alcoholic is not after a revenge of an any kind but getting the facts spot on and not going to return any more. Regardless if you believe it or not.