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Re: Sporcle quiz

Postby SnookerEd25

chengdufan wrote:I just made a simple quiz on Sporcle. See if you can remember the names of the 32 players at the crucible this year: ... ampionship

Probably could, given another minute but I ran out of time.

Got 29 - missed 2 of the debutants and the no.14 seed (to be fair, I forget about him a lot) :emb:

Re: Sporcle quiz

Postby chengdufan

I got 29 as well. Somewhat embarrassing as I'd just created the quiz!
I forgot 12, 43 and 70

Re: Sporcle quiz

Postby Iranu

I missed 46 and 70.

Possibly would have got 46 if I’d noticed the Crucible appearances column!

Re: Sporcle quiz

Postby Juddernaut88

I got 28, should have been 29 as I swear I did type in McManus lol but obviously didn't. I missed 2 of the Crucible debutants.

Re: Sporcle quiz

Postby Alex0paul

But there's only 31