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BTV International tournament in Bejing

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arbitrage (TSF user) wrote:Summary:
There is a pre-Asian games warm-up tournament for the local squad - Jin Long, Tian Pengfei, Xiao Guodong, Li Heng, Zhang Anda and Li An will be playing from Jul 16 to 18.
From Jul 19 to 25, O'Sullivan, Hendry, Carter, Allen, Fu, Robertson and defending champion Liang Wenbo will play for the title. They will be playing in 2 groups, round robin format, SF to be held on the 24th and Final on the 25th."

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THE growth of snooker in China is set to continue with the announcement that 110sport will jointly promote the BTV International tournament next month.

A world-class field will assemble in Beijing from July 19-25 headed by former world champions Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O’Sullivan alongside local heroes Liang Wenbo and Marco Fu.

“The popularity of the game out here is such that we could be playing in events every month,” said Hendry who is currently in China playing in the Wuxi Classic.

“There is a first class entry for this tournament plus there is a qualifying tournament to find the three remaining wild-cards amongst the Chinese professionals – and the competition for that place will be fierce.”

Re: BTV International tournament in Bejing

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some more info, draw and schedule

China Snooker Elite Contest(of China Top 10): Jin Long、Tian Fengfei、Xiao Guodong、Li Xing、Zhang Anda、Yu Delu、Liu Chuang Li Yan

BTV Cup 2010 Beijing Snooker Challenge(of World Top 16):Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Neil Robertson, Marco Fu, Allister Carter, Mark Allen, Liang Wenbo

Phase II (July 19 to 25)
BTV Cup 2010 Beijing Snooker Challenge
Date Time Main Table - Sub Table - Type
19-Jul 15:00 Carter VS Liang Wenbo - Wild Card 1 VS Hendry - group game
19-Jul 19:30 O'Sullivan VS Wild Card 2 - Mark Allen VS Wild Card 3 - group game
20-Jul 15:00 Robertson VS Carter - Bo Jiajun VS Hendry- group game
20-Jul 19:30 O'Sullivan vs Wild Card 1 - Tian Pengfei VS Wild Card 3 group game
21-Jul 15:00 Marco Fu VS Wild Card 1 - Mark Allen VS Allister Carter - group game
21-Jul 19:30 Neil Robertson VS Liang Wenbo - Stephen Hendry VS Wild Card 2 - group game
22-Jul 15:00 Neil Robertson VS Mark Allen - Marco Fu VS Wild Card 2 - group game
22-Jul 19:30 Ronnie O'Sullivan VS Stephen Hendry - Allister Carter VS Wild Card 3 - group game
23-Jul 15:00 Liang Wenbo VS Mark Allen - Wild Card 1 VS Wild Card 2 - group game
23-Jul 19:30 Ronnie O'Sullivan VS Marco·Fu Neil Robertson VS Wild Card 3 - group game
24-Jul 15:00 Group Winer 1 VS Group Winner 2   - semi-final
24-Jul 19:30 Group Winer 3 VS Group Winner 4   - semi-final
25-Jul 15:00 Semi Final Winner 1 VS Semi Final Winner2   - final

I must admit it's not crystal clear to me how this works but there it is ...