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Crucible tickets available again, but whats behind it?

Postby likelylad

Yesterday i visited the sheffieldtheatres website as someone pointed out to me tickets are again available. I was surprised to see there were at least 40 seats per session available, row E and F. Also for the other side of the divider, the same rows along the long side of the table. Up to the quarter finals, even some semi final sessions had tickets again. A Facebook friend of mine collected today his tickets at the box office. He got to know World Snooker returned part of their allocation. It means they at least take 80 tickets per session for their own connections, plus the ones they still have, must make it up to 100/150. I find it quite outrageous as The Crucible only can take 900 snookerfans, around 60 go to season ticket holders which just leaves around 700 for the ordinary folk. I also noticed tickets went fast and thick on ebay this weekend, and after the bidding, dozens of tickets were available again through normal channels. I wonder if some of those allocated tickets to World Snooker were sold on ebay
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Re: Crucible tickets available again, but whats behind it?

Postby nice_shoes_ken

I saw that aswell because im trying to get some tickets for Williams v Day, but the mate who im going with keeps changing his mind shame really. Hope these tickets will be ok, because I really want to make a day of it and go watch this match aswell as Robbo v Trump.

Re: Crucible tickets available again, but whats behind it?

Postby SnookerFan

This answers a few questions for me though..... I aint up the first weekend this year, but as that is my traditional time to go, I had wondered if I'd be able to wait for the matches to be announced before I brought opening weekend tickets. Sounds like I will.