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Re: If Carter beats Higgins tomorrow ...

Postby Roland

It was pretty obvious if you watched the match that Carter was trying his guts out to beat Higgins today. He was trying too hard in fact.

Re: If Carter beats Higgins tomorrow ...

Postby Monique

Bourne wrote:
Monique wrote:
Bourne wrote:Where have I questioned his honesty ? :huh: I'm crediting him for being smart on this actually.

You are questioning his honesty because what you suggest is that he could have actually lost on purpose. That may be "smart" but it's also dishonest.

Find me a quote where I said he lost on purpose and i'll kiss your feet :wave:

You didn't say it explicitely but come on... either he tried his best and he did not "tank" or he did "tank" and that's not very different to losing on purpose to gain an advantage. Don't play on words please: you suggested the latter, so you suggested he was dishonest.