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NEIL Robertson has mainitained his four frames advantage against Allister Carter after the second session of their semi final at the World Championship at Sheffield.

Robertson opened with a bang as he powered in a long red straight from Carter's break off and with the cue ball on a string made a break of 140, the third highest in the Championship high break list behind Mark Allen's 146 and Mark Selby's 142. The Autralian looked unstoppable as he hammered in a long red for a 60 in frame 10 only to miss a mid length red. Robertson was then forced to sit and sweat as Carter inched his way back into the frame with a 35 - only to go in off when potting the black. Carter was not helping his cause by attempting a number of low percentage shots but Robertson couldn't finish the frame off - and he so nearly paid dearly for it when he missed the green. Leading 42-67 Robertson left the green hanging over the corner pocket. Carter needed everything to force a re-spotted black .

Sinking green to black Carter then set up the repsotted black. But playing the wrong shot was to prove expensive. Attempting a long black to the corenr that had too much risk about it was always asking for trouble and so it proved as the ball trundled towards the pocket and stopped agonisingly over the jaws. With a look of relief Robertson walked to the table, knocked in the black and extended his lead to 8-2.

Carter needed some inspiration if he was going to get back into a game that he had been frozen out and also needed to start improving his shot selection. By slowing the pace down, and visbly taking his time the Tiptree player looked a far better player in frame 11 despite iscuing the black. Alllister though sent back to his seat because of the foul stroke was soon bac k at the table with a 76 to close to 8-3. It was all the encouragement Allister needed as he took the next two frames - freezing the Australian out for 90minutes. All of a sudden Neil's lead had plunged from 8-2 to 8-6.

With the challenge now issued the question was if Robertson could respond. And the answer was a resounding yes as Roberston thundered in breaks of 59 and concluded the session in the exact same session as he had started it with a clearance of 104 to lead 10-6 with the match scheduled to resume tonight. It is not all over yet.

Suzy Jardine - The Crucible


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Cheers Suzy. Robbo's 59 was the break of the match so far.


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Sonny wrote:Cheers Suzy. Robbo's 59 was the break of the match so far.

agreed that one was more than the 2 centuries :afro: