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Seconds out, round two.

Postby Tubberlad

With the first round almost done and dusted, let's look back at the opening games and see what we've learnt.

John Higgins: Barry Hawkins showed us that Higgins is beatable. Was very lucky to only trail 4-5 after the opening session, and took a win that was inevitable considering Hawkins' Crucible record. Expect a big improvement, but the question is, can he defend the title? Only a fool writes off Higgins, he's been the best player in the world for the majority of the last three years, and remains the man to beat.

If he gets past Neil Robertson in the quarter-finals (jumping the gun a bit I know), then he could be in for number four.
Steve Davis:
Davis still has plenty hunger, and his win over King was much deserved. He won't beat a player of Higgins' quality, barring a miracle, but he has completed a remarkable achievement in winning a Crucible game 31 years on from his debut. The man is a legend, and although he won't stick around much longer, he's proven himself yet again.
Neil Robertson:
For people doubting his credentials after round one, I wish to point out his opponent. O'Brien may not beat many top players, in fact he loses heavily quite a bit, but he will never make things all that easy. He will spoil & spoil, putting a stop to the attacking play of more gifted players. Nobody tends to look a million dollars against him.

Robertson should be judged on how he plays against Martin Gould, and should get more of a chance to express himself in amongst the balls. Still a contender.
Martin Gould
Good player, certainly has a bit of something about him. He has plety self belief, and has an inmpressive list of scalps over the last couple of years.

He may challeng Robertson, but should fall away in the end. Robbo would be a fool to take him lightly though.
Shaun Murphy
Same old problem. Incosistecy. Looked a world beater in the first session against Greene, going 8-1 up, but in the end could only take it 10-7, from 9-2.

If Ding has his head in the right place for this one, I can't see Murphy sticking around much longer.
Ding Junhui
Hard to tell from round one. He looked impressive winning 10-1, but in truth Stuart Pettman was arguably the least threatening player in the draw. Ding will be happy with the result, but has he been tested at all?

Murphy will provide a very big test for him, but considering his lack of consistency, Ding should go through. A title contender.
Ali Carter
Jamie Cope played terribly, so again it's hard to say where he stands. Should put Joe Perry away, and the first round result will give Carter heart considering Cope's rep as one of the top quallies.

I still think it'll be quarter-finals for him.
Joe Perry
A comfortable winner over Michael Holt, but Holt's head for the battle is questionable to say the least.

Perry still doesn't impress me, and I struggle to imagine him getting one over Carter
Graeme Dott
I think he's a dark horse. Looked pretty good in taking a 7-2 lead against Ebdon, and held on well after Ebdon launched a bried comeback.

I think he's good enough to take out Maguire or Lee, and who honestly likes playing Dott? Keep an eye out.
Mark Allen
Another title contender I feel, after a very impressive opening round win. His 147 attempt was excellent, and he looked freeflowing and totally in control throughout.

He faces a tricky task against Mark Davis, but still hard to see him tripping up
Mark Davis
A deserved winner over Ryan Day, he's no slouch and will give Mark Allen a good match.

I don't expect him to win, but he's a good player, and deserves a lot of credit.
Mark Selby
Arguably the favourite at this stage. Was excellent against Doherty, way too good, and his all round game is more than good enough to go all the way.

I can't see him losing to Hendry, and I think he's good enough to beat Williams & O'Sullivan over 25 frames also. At this juncture, he looks hard to stop.
Stephen Hendry
After the fright of his life against Anda Zhang, Hendry saved his best play for when it matter most, and took a 10-9 win.

That bottle will always make the great Hendry a tough, tough opponent, particularly at the Crucible, and don't expect Selby to get it all his own way.

Don't expect a Hendry win either though. I can't see him going much further in this the quarter of death.
Ronnie O'Sullivan
Liang wasn't brilliant, and O'Sullivan saw a big lead slip to 10-7. His clearance in that final frame still shows how good he can be though.

I think he'll beat Williams, but a potential tie against Selby will raise doubts. I still think he can win, but he'll have to be well up for it.
Mark Williams
Looked sluggish against Campbell for long stretches, but getting over a first round match is the main thing.

Is he a title contender? Probably? Will he beat O'Sullivan? Maybe. But at this point, I think not.

Re: Seconds out, round two.

Postby Bourne

Careful tubbs, you want to hone in your expert predictions just yet before everyone copies them in the contest and move ahead of you ... lol

Re: Seconds out, round two.

Postby GJ

group leader has a great chance of beating carter

Re: Seconds out, round two.

Postby Bourne

GJtheaussiestud wrote:group leader has a great chance of beating carter

Provisional #3 vs Provisional #18
10-4 over 2nd best qualifer vs 10-4 over 7th best qualifier
Carter won last two meetings
Carter a ranking-finalist and semi-finalist this season vs Perry a 3 match winner this season
Carter a world-finalist 2 years ago
1/3 vs 12/5

Great chance ? :chin: