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Quotes from the Crucible

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John Higgins 10-6 Barry Hawkins
There were a couple of big turning points and he'll be kicking himself, I was happy only being 5-4 behind because Barry was by far the better player. I was a bag of nerves all day. In the first session I was all over the place. I knew Barry would be feeling the pressure as well so sometimes you just hope the guy misses and luckily he did that. – John Higgins

I hope Steve wins. Mark's a good player but he's just a scrapper. – John Higgins on who he’d like in round 2

It's a sad day because he's been one of the greats of the modern game.
To play guys like John Parrott, Steve Davis, Jimmy White and then Stephen Hendry, Mark Williams and Ronnie O'Sullivan, they're the matches you live to play for. It's a sad day for John. – John Higgins on John Parrott’s announced retirement

We're all hoping now that the thing can be pushed through where we'll be playing in more tournaments. We're all thinking that. I was thinking that, if I'd have lost, when would my next match have been? And I was thinking it would be October under the old regime. Let's hope that it's pushed through. – John Higgins

Mark Allen 10-4 Tom Ford
I never felt comfortable today - I felt flat after doing all the work yesterday and I relaxed too much, I need to be better than that. I never felt motivated today. If I played like I did yesterday I don't fear anybody though and think I'll have a chance to win the tournament. I need to cut out the slack session. – Mark Allen

Normally I get nervous and feed off the nerves, but I was too relaxed today and a bit flat. There was nothing there at all, so I was just happy to get over the line. Being 8-1 up you just feel it’s a matter of time and I didn’t deal with it that well. – Mark Allen

I was surprised I potted the balls because I thought my head was going to fall off I was shaking that much. It was a big moment for me. – Mark Allen on his 147 attempt

The first frame was massive yesterday, with it being my first visit here, I needed to get off to a good start.I got the I wanted making a solid 59 break but after missing a difficult red and then Mark (Allen) clearing with 64 to win the frame. It's not often you can say that the first frame was a turning point but in this match it was. – Tom Ford

I really enjoyed my first time at the Crucible and even when I was 8-1 down after the morning session, in a weird way it was still a great experience. So I will have a few weeks off and then start to prepare for next season, because I would love to qualify again for this event. – Tom Ford

Mark Selby 10-4 Ken Doherty
Ken's a former winner so he's been there and done it so I knew he wasn't going to come out and freeze and I would have to be on top of my game otherwise I'd be going home. – Mark Selby

I was surprised by Ronnie’s comments, but then I was surprised when he said that he couldn’t win it either. I have proved in previous tournaments that I have the game to win here. It’s just a case of maintaining that form for 17 days. It’s difficult enough to do that at home in practice.
When I struggle, maybe I struggle more than others but when I am playing well, it’s as good as most. Not everyone will think I can win, but as long as I believe it that’s what counts. – Mark Selby

I did an interview back home before I came away and I could possibly play a former World Champion in every single round if I went on to win it, so quite an easy draw really. – Mark Selby

He [Selby] looks like a guy who has arrived here on top form and absolutely he has a chance of winning this. Outside of John Higgins and O’Sullivan, he, Ding Junhui and Mark Williams are in form. He has got everything. Character, bottle, he scores heavily and his safety is good. He could be the next John Higgins, he’s that tough to beat. – Ken Doherty

It will be nice not being a part-time snooker player. The players have a big, big decision to make over the next few weeks. They’ll have to listen to what Barry has to say, take it on board and see what they want to do. I think it’s a crucial time for snooker. I look forward to seeing what he has to say and what answers he gives to a lot of questions, and then see where we go from there. I do like Barry. I think he is the man for the job. On what terms and conditions we’ll have to wait and see. – Ken Doherty

Once I potted frame ball I collapsed like a cheap tent. The history of making one here got to me maybe. – Mark Selby on his 147 attempt

Joe Perry 10-4 Michael Holt
I’m really pleased to win, it’s never nice playing a friend but I had to put that out of me head and try and get the job done. I played well yesterday but I was absolutely flattered by the score line. I made some really good clearances under pressure which got me the 7-2 up but it could have been different. If I hadn’t been playing Michael I would have felt sorry for him because yesterday was unfortunate.

I won’t shy away from it Michael has been fool to himself with some of the matches his has lost over the years due to his loose temperament. He didn’t crack today so credit to him. He has been working hard on his temperament and I think he held himself together really well. He had a lot of bad things in the match that would have cracked him up in the past.

I am just pleased to be in it, I have had a bit of a tough year and overcome a few atrocities and am just looking forward to playing again. Carter beat me 17-15 in the World Semi-Final and his career went that way and mine went the other. Maybe I owe him one.

I will go home tomorrow as I don’t play until Saturday and go back and see my little girl. – Joe Perry

I had chances tonight, I lost couple of frames I could have won. I missed a pink clearing up and that was the story of the match for me to be honest. I missed about five big balls that I don’t miss in the qualifiers, that’s why I win all the time there.
It’s not because I can’t play out there, I know that I can. When I can get in the balls I can score, I feel good out there and I really enjoy it. I am just trying to break through. I am trying so hard to break through. I have been here five or six years on the verge of things but I am just trying so hard. I just need a few wins to give me that belief.

I think at 7-2 down, I have had a 100 break, two 60 breaks, a fifty break and maybe a forty and a thirty. If I was told before the match begun I would have those breaks I would said it would definitely been at least 6-3. It’s frustrating because I know I can play, what do I need to do?

Joe is a great mate and I wish him well and I hope he goes on to do well here. I just play the game and focus on myself. It’s frustrating because I love it out there. I thought in the last frame when he was potting, I’m going to miss playing out there. It’s so frustrating because I am better than that, so much better than that that it is scary. But I need to prove that and hopefully I will one day.

I might need to twitch up a few times to win and get away with it and get on that roll, but I don’t, I keep getting beaten. But I do win pressure games with good clearances all the time, that’s why I win so much in qualifying. The standard of snooker in Prestatyn is the same, just full of players that don’t play very well at venues. It is just frustrating. – Michael Holt

Stephen Hendry 10-9 Zhang Anda
It's my 25th year here and the amount of times I've done that - I find something from somewhere. At 9-7 down I had my retirement speeches ready. I felt it just summed up a dismal season, going out in the first round of the World Championship. But something just clicked and I wish I knew how to do it because if I could produce it more often I'd be in contention to win tournaments. But it came just at the right time. – Stephen Hendry

I thought Zhang was phenomenal, he showed no nerves. Obviously he had nothing to lose and you can raise your game, but by the same token he could have froze out there. Yesterday I played some of my best safety, and he just kept knocking in balls from tight under the baulk rail. I was sat in my chair thinking that’s what I used to do when I was eighteen. Amongst the balls he never looked like missing. – Stephen Hendry

I was very pleased with my performance thoughout the match. I learned so much from the game, I liked the atmosphere but was so focused on the match I didn't notice the pressure. It was an honour to play Stephen as he is the biggest name in snooker. – Zhang Anda

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Marco Fu 9-10 Martin Gould
It was hurting my back a lot as I was sitting in a swivel chair for six, seven or eight hours a night. In the mornings I just couldn't get out of bed, and also it ruined my drinking weekends as well with friends. - Martin Gould on the benefits of quitting his casino job to concentrate on snooker

Ali Carter 10-4 Jamie Cope
I’m disappointed but I beat myself again really. That’s my main problem really, I’m not really mentally strong enough in these sorts of matches. I think it is the only problem that I have got but it is the main one really. It is something I have got work on over the summer because it is costing me too many matches now. - Jamie Cope

I got going for a couple of frames today but the gap was too big really. I think I am going to see a sports psychologist, because I do honestly think it is my only problem stopping me from challenging for titles. - Jamie Cope

It’s never easy to win here but Jamie gave me a lot of chances and I kept the pressure on him. I didn’t really expect anything going into the match, I just tried to worry about myself. I was prepared for him to have his spell of frames where he threw his arm at everything and got everything but that didn’t really happen. - Ali Carter

You could see he got frustrated and I did a really good clearance to go 7-1 up which I think rubbed salt into the wound really. - Ali Carter

...there is no such thing as an easy match here. Stephen Hendry proved that last night, playing someone no one had ever heard of and all of a sudden he is 9-7 down - Ali Carter

Mark Williams 10-5 Marcus Campbell
I haven't sorted them all out yet but I'm getting there. You've got to be good off the table to be good on the table. I'm having a few problems at the minute. - Mark Williams hints at personal problems affecting his preparation and mental state

It looks like I will be playing Ronnie O’Sullivan, but on that performance all day today I wish I was playing Gilbert O’Sullivan! - Mark Williams

I will stay up in Sheffield there is no point in driving home. I will stay up and practice and watch the other players sweat it out a bit. The first round is very twitchy but I shouldn’t have been as twitchy as I was especially as my top 16 place was guaranteed. - Mark Williams

I felt great out there today, it's just such a nice environment to play in. Even the crowd get involved, I know the majority wanted Mark to win but that doesn't matter, it's such a lovely place to play at. - Marcus Campbell

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Ronnie O'Sullivan 10-7 Liang Wenbo
After fighting back from 7-2 down to only 9-7 down, Ronnie must have been feeling some pressure, but in the last he proved why is the world number one. He looked very calm producing that winning break.

I think Ronnie will play better next round, I hope he does well, but now I have to learn from that match to help me for next season. - Liang Wenbo

I just didn't get going and he looked quite dangerous so the pressure was getting on me a bit and I had to find something from somewhere. The nerves play a big part here and unless you settle and get into your rhythm it can be tough out there - Ronnie O'Sullivan

It will be a tough game. he's playing well at the moment and it's a hard draw. He's the only player than can probably beat John Higgins. I could have done with an easier match really. Ronnie O'Sullivan

We get on great, I texted him to say well done in China... I was just going through a rough time. I think I was angry with everybody. It was nothing to do with Mark. You say some things that you don’t mean at times. I can’t take the words back but I’ve apologised and you move on, you get older, and it’s water under the bridge. Ronnie O'Sullivan on his one time feud with Mark Williams

I’m not going to knock my chances but I can’t remember the last time I played a decent frame of snooker or a decent tournament - Ronnie O'Sullivan

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Steve Davis 10 - 9 Mark King
It was such a great reception when I came out, both times. If it wasn't so serious and I wasn't on a mission I would have had a lump in my throat.

I was 5-3 down and all of a sudden I started looking, I only had it two other times in my life, it's called ocular migraine. Where you get all sparkly lights and you can't see. Looking at the balls in the last frame and they all started going blurry.

I managed to make a forty odd break but I could only see half the ball. It was the weirdest thing, I had it since about four o'clock, maybe it was the stress or the pressure I don't know. I had some bananas in the interval tonight and that worked.

What a game, he's like granite! That's why I nick-named him the weeble many years ago, he never gives up. The emotion at the end, I knew it wasn't the end of the game but I knew he needed snookers.

I'd love to play him, he's a great, great player. I don't look at the draw but to play John Higgins as World Champion will just be fantastic. It will be tough against him, he's a hard player. - Steve Davis

I suppose 6-4 up then 7-6 down I wasn't going to be back flipping to the dressing room. I just got a little bit frustrated with myself. I never had a crowd so against me ever. It's understandable but I let it get to me a couple of times. There was a geezer right in my ear, even if the ball was hanging going 'Shot Steve'.

I had a few texts when the draw came through saying 'steve was rubbish' players like that annoy me. Not in a million years is Steve an easy draw whether's he's 52 or 72. He's a class act. He's one of those people who's looked after himself, in the gym and he doesn't goes clubbing and that's why he's still number 20 odd at 52. If I'm that ranking at 52 I'd be over the moon. People who say those things should grow up. - Mark King

Ding Junhui 10-1 Stuart Pettman
It was a lot easier than I expected against Stuart. He missed a lot and left me simple chances, was playing like I do in practice. He looked like he had given up in today’s session after I won the first one to go 9-1.

I am looking forward to my next match, and hope to play better than I did in this one. I expect to play Shaun Murphy, and I’ll have to concentrate hard to beat him if he wins. People say I have a great chance this year, but I’m not feeling any extra pressure – not today, anyway.

I have had a good season, that’s enough and I feel great. It wasn’t easy at first coming to play here, but it feels easier now. I practise in Sheffield, live here, and play this tournament here.

Today is the national day of mourning back home. It happened in a different part of the country to my friends and family, but a lot of people died, and I was very sad watching all the pictures on the internet. It was very bad news, and I asked not to have any music for my entrance. I am grateful to World Snooker and the other players for respecting that. - Ding Junhui

Yeh I was absolutely shocking through the whole game and am so disappointed to get here and in put in a performance like this. When he cleared up to go 4-0 was a turning point and my head went from there. I felt nervous early on, but not from the middle part of the match really, I was just terrible.

You can't give Ding the chances I gave him, he is just too good a player for that. You might get let off against some players, but you won't get let off against Ding.

I have had an absoulute nightmare every time I have been here. I don't perform like this at other venue,I just don't know what it is, it's crazy. I am just going to have a bit of time off now, go away and the come back. - Stuart Pettman

Mark Davis 10-8 Ryan Day
I enjoyed it. My main problem over the years has been my head, and I don't enjoy too many games, but I really enjoyed this one. I've been getting a lot fitter which has helped. I did a half-marathon a month ago back home so that has certainly helped, it keeps you a bit sharper. - Mark Davis

Neil Robertson 10-5 Fergal O'Brien
Fergal is such a tough player, he just would not go away. It was like trying to get some chewing gum out of your carpet. I've won 10-5, but three of them were won on the black, so it could have been a different story out there.

Last year was a great stepping stone for my career, if I could get to the semi-final this year I feel I would be more at ease. It was a good year for me and I carried that form with me in winning the Grand Prix. So I do feel that I can do well here this time.

The interest as been good back home, after my good run here last year plus my other good reults. The Herald Sun, which is a big newspaper, gave me an excellent double spread. It's just a pity Australia is so far away,because snooker is popular out there. I suppose at the moment its just not a viable option to stage events out there.

I'm 100% behind the plans put forward from Barry Hearn,I feel there is a lot of players who cannot see the bigger picture. I think it's fantastic what he is offering. Barry is a clever guy, and knows what he is doing.

A lot of players are maybe scared that Barry will increase the prize money for the top players, and not at the bottom of the rankings. What a lot of players cannot see is that sport needs top players to promote the sport, and thus generate interest. Some players think they can practice for about a couple of hours a day and deserve around £20-£30k, for just being a top 64 player.They need to realise there is money to be won, but it needs hard work which I feel some players don't put in. - Neil Robertson

I am disappointed to lose, I didn't really get to top form. I lost one or two close frames yesterday, but I dig in well to go from 5-1 to 5-3. He made a good clearance to go 7-5 today, and his reaction showed he was under a bit of pressure. The next was a bit of a battle as we played for about an hour on the yellow I think! We played both some good safety.

If I had won the re-spot to go 7-6 I would have been in thick of it, but at 8-5 his tail was obviously up again. It was a frustrating season, I would like to have done a bit better. But hopefully, Barry unveils his plans and they pass and we get more tournaments. Whether you have a good season or a bad season you don't want to be a part-time snooker player. Being in the top 32 and playing only six tournaments a year is not on. - Fergal O'Brien

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Peter Ebdon 5-10 Graeme Dott
I lost it yesterday, Graeme played very well and even though we both struggled with the inconsistant bounces off the cushions, he applied himself the better of the two of us.

Even if I'd have won 10-0, I would still be saying the same, because it was just so tough to adjust to the reaction of the cushions.The main disappointment for me is that all year, the tables have been playing brilliant and a pleasure to play on.Obviously with this event being an exeption.

I would be the first person to congratulate Barry Hearn if he introduced new tournaments and revenue to the game, and then take a healthy commision, I dont think anyone would complain.
But to ask for 51% of the commercial rights is too much. There is going to be a meeting and I'll be very surprised if the players give up their control of the association.

We all want to play in more tournaments.

Barry Hearn is a successful businessman,he is a very intelligent man and a very shrewd man and I would love him to do a fantastic job for snooker.

The players need to understand, that giving control to Barry is not for one year, this is not for two years, this is not for five years,this is not for ten years, it's forever gone.

I've only got one vote, it's up to the members at the end of the day. - Peter Ebdon

It's good, it's nice to be back. I didnt play well tonight. Maybe I had the wrong attitude.I played so well yesterday,
and basically at 7-2 the job is almost done and I probably relaxed a bit too much.

The table wasn't great and I am sure Peter will tell you the same. The cushions were bouncing again which was a bit disappointing. Trying to play for snookers was impossible, the balls were coming off at all different angles.

I have changed my technique a little bit since China. I added a few little mannerisms and am playing a bit quicker and just trying to trust it more. It clearly helped yesterday and I think I can put tonight's performace down to attitude.

No disrespect to Stephen Lee but I would rather play Stephen Maguire in the next round. If we play each other and I don't happen to beat him, I'd hope Stephen wins it. Obviously he's never won it before, Stephen Hendry has won
it, John has won it and so have I. So it would be nice to Stephen win it, but hopefully that won't happen this
year! - Graeme Dott

Stephen Maguire 10-4 Stephen Lee
I am delighted. I am in the last 16 of the Worlds, if I wasn't happy there would be a problem. I played well in patches and I was pretty solid tonight. I felt I was going to score every time I got in. I will have to touch up on saftety but if you are potting the balls I guess safety isn't that important.

It seems to be everyone I play these days is a grudge match. There's nothing between us at all. We have played each other a couple of times, but I don't really know him that well to be honest. We have just kind of past careers without playing each other without having really met. There's no grudge there. He is a slow player, I wasn't trying to be cheeky.

I try every year to win this tournament. It is only the second round I am in, so I not thinking about the trophy right now. I think, in my opinion I have under achieved in my career so far. I am trying different things to win different tournaments. There has been no problems with me focusing. Snooker is snooker, and I have been practicing every day. I will just wait to see what happens and wait to see what you guys write in the paper. - Stephen Maguire

I played awful in the few first few frames yesterday and he didn't play much better. I played well in patches during the first session, but you can see that I am just short of match practice. I am not sharp and when you come to play in big games you get caught out.

There is not enough matches to play. I am not missing a ball for hours on the practice table, but when you get out to the matches it's a different ball game. I put it down to lack of tournaments, I am either hitting century breaks or can't pot a ball, it's mental, it's very frustrating.

I like the idea of what Barry Hearn is proposing but I don't want to be playing in little tournaments, for example in Germany,and play in front of one man and his dog. I want to be playing at good venues,like the Crucible and other venues of the same standard.

If the tables and conditions are are good I will play at different places, but we do want more good quality tournaments that's for sure. - Stephen Lee

Shaun Murphy 10-7 Gerard Greene
At no time did I feel that I was going to lose the match, the gremlins in my head were not that bad.But it would have been so nice to have won the match 10-1,by going out there and just doing the job.

I didn't feel I had a good chance until the last when I won the match.It was only at that stage when the balls said "here we are pot us then" and I did.

I think my game against Ding Junhui is the tie of the round,Ding is the best player in the world at the moment, his results prove that. He has been prominent in all the major events this term and will go into our match has the favourite I'm sure.But that doesn't trouble me because I've beat favourites before.

I'm 100% behind Barry Hearn. From what I understand of the changes that are happening, I'm in 100% support.

Somebody asked me the other day, you would'nt want to see snooker go like darts would you ? I said do you mean like having more tounaments to play in and more prize money to play for ? it's what we have been asking for years.

World Snooker have been running the same way for thirty years, they have done nothing with it. It's been running the same way and its failed. - Shaun Murphy

I suppose the first session I was a bit nervous, I won the first frame then totally collapsed. He played well to be fair. Once he's in the balls he doesn't miss, he's got a nice cue action so he doesn't twitch. He missed a couple but once he's got his hand on the table he scores heavy. - Gerard Greene

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Mark Allen 13-5 Mark Davis
I just enjoy playing here if you can't enjoy playing in front of packed houses then you dont want to play snooker.

I won the first session 5-3 and the next one 6-2 and obviously won 2-0 tonight but the first session was probably the best I played because of how he played. I don't think Mark Davis will play to many sessions like that and come out behind. I was lucky that I played very, very well and he missed one or two crucial balls. He didn't look like he was going to miss at all, the first two and half frames he was devastating.

It's not just about winning matches, it'a about kicking on in events. As the season has gone on my results have got better. The early part of the season my results weren't great but I've worked hard and the results have got better. My game in general is better, I've always been a good scorer but my all round game is starting to compete with the other top players and that's what you need at this level.

I think if you look at Graeme's results over the last couple of years, it says wonders for how tough mentally he is off the table. It's only been a couple of years since he was looking like provisionally being World No.1 but he's had a few problems off the table but it's good to see him back, he's a great player. - Mark Allen

I started off well in going 2-0 up and I should have gone 3-0 but I got a kick when missing on the red ,and from then on he got involved in the game.So looking back it was quite a big turning point even though it was early in the match.

I was cueing well up until that point and to be honest I didn't do a lot wrong, there was a few errors but nothing major.On the whole I thought it was a good session yesterday.

I had chances in all the first four frames today, but never played, it was a poor performance.

Mark hit the ball great, but I never put him under any pressure out there.So he was able to relax and play his game.

I think he has got every chance of winning the tournament, he has got the game to win it and there is nobody playing any better than him, thats for sure. I hope he wins it. - Mark Davis

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Steve Davis 13-11 John Higgins
It is fantastic to see him beat John. Some people say it is a young man's game but most of the top players are in their 30s and Steve is in his 50s. He is an inspiration to people in a lot of sports, not just snooker. - Neil Robertson

In the build-up all I've been doing is concentrating on keeping my head still. Under enough pressure other parts of your body move and perhaps your cue, and it's worked. It's made me a better player in practice and bit more solid in matches. Keeping my head still was my one thought in the closing stages. - Steve Davis (we hadn't noticed Steve!)

Obviously winning the event is massive but in terms of individual performances and pride of performance it's got to be so much up there. It's probably second only to beating Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final of the Masters [in 1997, his last major tournament win] when 8-4 behind, but to do it at the Crucible may make it maybe even a bit higher, especially against John, who is such a hard, hard player. I always thought he was going to win the match - we've seen John pull it out of the fire so often I thought he was going to do it again.

He didn't get going enough and kept giving me hope. I still thought he was going to get over the line, but somehow I dragged up some pots. It used up everything, I'm glad I've got a couple of days off. - Steve Davis

It's a tough one but all credit to him. I said to him afterwards he's the greatest in my eyes. I didn't play my best, I missed a few, but I certainly didn't play my worst. How he could hold himself together like that at the age of 52... he's the greatest in my eyes. - John Higgins

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Graeme Dott 13-6 Stephen Maguire
You are always under pressure here. I'm under pressure at 12-4, you have just got to deal with it. I thought, when I come here, I can win it. If I get to the semi-finals, I am back in the top 16, but I would rather win the title than get back in the 16.

I think every time I turn Mark on the TV, he is on for a 147. Mark is clearly playing the best out of anyone right now. If we both play to the form we have shown do far, it should be a great game.

Its a massive advantage [winning the Worlds]. I don't know how Mark feels, or how Mark Selby or Ding feels. It's just a massive advantage to be champion. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I can still be happy that I have won it. - Graeme Dott

Neil Robertson 13-12 Martin Gould
At times I thought he nicked Ronnie's soul, everything was going in. At 11-5 down, I feel I didn't do anything wrong. I took inspiration from Shaun Murphy when he did it against Matthew Stevens [Murphy came back from 12-7 down to beat the Welshman 13-12 in 2007]. I thought 'never give up no matter what the score is'. I am not that far behind. - Neil Robertson

The wheels came off at 150mph into a brick wall. I really don't know what happened. I felt really good all day but it just didn't come off for me. - Martin Gould ...poor sod!

I'm staying in an apartment and you've got to pay for a whole week in advance. This was the end of my first week and I was thinking, 'Oh well...' I did try to cancel it so I'll have to call them back and tell them not to - Neil Robertson

I had a couple of chances and felt good in myself but holding the end of my cue was a mystery to me. I felt no spark, no life in me, it was very strange. I wish Neil all the best and hope he goes on to win it. - Martin Gould

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Ronnie O'Sullivan 13-10 Mark Williams
Managed to string a few decent frames together, to my surprise. I knew I had to find some kind of form and out of sheer panic and desperation, I was trying to bring the cue through and pot a few balls really.

If I didn't I would definately be going home. I wouldn't say it was really flowing, I was still giving every shot a bit of thought. When you're flowing you don't tend to think, it all just happens. Playing in a big match I needed to handle the big match situation. I kicked into a bit of a gear and tried to stay concentrated all the time.

I didn't play well in any of the World titles that I won, a couple of finals I was relieved to get over the line. In a couple of them I couldn't wait for them to be over I was feeling that much pressure out there, unable to perform and make the breaks you want to out there.

I've managed to win most of my tournaments without playing well. I know I can do it but it would be a lot easier on the nerves if I could find a bit of form and a bit of rhythm. It would be nice to keep applying the pressure to the opponent because that makes your job a bit easier. To be fair the last three or four years I've played better than I have in the previous twelve years, so it's not all doom and gloom.

There is no point in getting carried away, I've thrown away a few world titles over the years, I know why but I can't cure it. I can't afford to let myself get confident. - Ronnie O'Sullivan

It was a fantastic match to be involved in. There were a few little nudges that didn't go my way, and if they had it could have been a different story. In all honesty though the way Ronnie played, he deserved to get those little nudges and flicks because he played great.

The two clearances he made from 8-6 down lastnight, I dont think anybody could have done them, especially how easy he made them look. It was incredible. But he played well all through the match. I would think sometimes I had got him in trouble and he would just produce something special.All you can do is sit there and say well done.

There is nothing wrong with his long game,nobody pots every long ball. But every department of his game is spot on. In my opinion, the only person who is going to beat Ronnie is himself. - Mark Williams

Mark Selby 13-5 Stephen Hendry
I was more than pleased, I think the way I played in that first session I didn't deserve to be in front so to come out at 4-4 it felt like I was in front. Stephen played not as good as he done in the past but better than me but I managed to hang in there and come out at 4-4 so was delighted with that.

Second session I did most of the damage, I scored at every opportunity I had. Tonight I seemed a bit flat going out there because I knew if I mind my work I'd get over the line so it was dificult but I got over the line.

I'd rather not play him at all, more often than not you expect to find Ronnie at the latter end of tournaments so if he's in your half you expect to have to play him at some point. By winning tournaments I've proven I'm more of a complete play, you can't fluke winning tournaments so I have proven I'm more of a complete player. - Mark Selby

I had the biggest breaks in the first session bit I would'nt say that I out played him at all. I did lose a bad when leading 4-2 but that didn't affect the match. I played here enough to know that one frame should not play such a big part in the outcome of a 25 frame match.

The whole match I was never focused like in the last three frames in my first round match against Zhang Anda when 9-7 down. It is very frustrating, not being able to have that focus from the start of a match.

He played well but by the same token it's easy to play well, when your opponent is not, which was the case in this match. It's hard to keep putting performances in like that, when your used to so much success but I'll be back again next year - Stephen Hendry

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Shaun Murphy 13-10 Ding Junhui
Very pleased, over the moon to win. There was a time in my career a few seasons ago when I played Ding and I came out on top. That changed and the last few times he's won but here at the biggest tournament I'm glad to have won.

I remember Ding when he first came over to the UK when I used to live in Northants and he came to the club, he was about 15 and he was special then so to see how he's developed is quite a privilege for me as he's developed into one of the best players in the world.

Well there's massive expectation on his shoulders, the poor lad where ever he goes. I've played in China and seen the expectation that follows Ding around it's slightly unfair on somebody so young when he's trying to do well for himself and his country.I think they need to give him a break and let him develop. - Shaun Murphy

It was a long match, I lost my feeling and concentration. I am disappointed but I've been doing well this year, and will take a lot of experience from this match. I missed some shots, but I played the right shots eeven if if I did miss them.

It would be nice to win this one year but there is many players who have not won it, so I wil keep trying and practicing. Shaun tried very hard in the match, and is a tough player to play against. He can win the tournament because he has won it before. - Ding Junhui

Ali Carter 13-11 Joe Perry
At 10-10, Terry came into my dressing room and said this is a real test and I have to come through tests like this if I want to win the Championship. Then at 11-10 down I was staring adversity in the face but I managed to turn the tide and pull it out of the bag. It's all about how badly you want it at the end of the day and I really didn't want to be going home tonight.

It's wanting to win that sometimes makes you lose. I've cost myself too many tournaments before through wanting it too badly and sometimes you can get in the way of yourself. Wanting it too much stops you getting it, which is a funny thing and it's only when you get a bit older like I am now when you realise that sometimes you've got to let it come at its own pace. - Ali Carter

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Graeme Dott 13-12 Mark Allen
It was a great game, I said to Mark when the referee was setting up the balls at 12-12 I knew it was going that way. The two of us played really well and constantly hit other for two days.

I missed a bad black off the spot, when I had Mark at the time missing a couple of balls and I took my eye off the black when I was cannoning the red and Mark being the good player that he is punished me. I lost another bad frame when he made 60 odd to go 12-10 that was a bad frame as well. My temperament was pretty good as I never let it bother me. I knew if I got a chance I was playing well enough to take it.

I said the last time I was here the fact that I have won it before is a massive advantage. There is nothing that could happen that I have not seen before, I've played Ken Doherty before in a match that had a lead and lost it. I know it can happen.

I was just happy with the way the game was, I thought it was a great spectacle. I don't think anybody watching that match could have anything but admiration for the it. It was two players just going for everything.

That was the biggest match, that was the one that gets me back in the top 16, it was massive to get in after one year. If I had of lost that match 13-12 it would have been hard not being in the top 16, having qualified for five of the six events, getting to the quarters of the world would have been hard to take. I'm over the moon.

I think I've shown you guys that I'm not a tactical grinder. After the first couple of tournaments this year things picked up, it might even have coincided with the arrival of Barry Hearn and that made me want to be a part of it. I didn't to sit there with my career ended, maybe it gave me the kick I needed. - Graeme Dott

You would think I should be upset by that defeat but I'm not. I feel that I didn't turn up for the match.

In any any of the three sessions, I just never performed. So in a way I expected to lose.

Obviously I was looking good at 12-10, but never really got a clear-cut chance. I had a couple of half chances but to be fair to Graeme he played perfect snooker those last three frames.

I got off to great start when leading 4-0 but from there it just never happened, it was a real struggle.

My timing was well out. When I tried to screw-back I was not getting enough work on the white, which is a clear indication of poor ball striking.

Graeme scored by far the better throughout, and considering the pressure he was under to get back into the top sixteen again, it was a fantastic performance to win the match, so I must take my hat off to him.

For Graeme to win it, in my opinion he will have to improve a little. But with his guts and determination that he showed today he will be extremly tough to shake off.

I would like Graeme to go on and win it now, because he is a real nice bloke. - Mark Allen

Neil Robertson 13-5 Steve Davis
I think the match against John Higgins maybe took it out of Steve a little bit. I was a little bit disappointed I didn't wrap it up last night. But all credit to Steve for taking it to the extra session. I was very relieved to get through because I haven't played very well at all.

I'm over the moon to get to the semis considering the way I've played so I'll have to improve a lot to get to the final. - Neil Robertson

Sometimes matches are won or lost early on and I think I lost it in the first session. I had a rotten, rotten session. It started with a kick. - Steve Davis

I feel 10 years younger. I've had such great receptions from the crowd, I've thoroughly enjoyed myself and I didn't want it to stop. I've climbed a mountain to reach the quarter-final. While it might be easy to say I'm going to retire, it's worth it to carry on for the competitive buzz and to feel the juices flowing. Things like this inspire you to carry on.

After I won against John Higgins I had to go to the studio in Tudor Square. It was like a procession, everyone cheering. It was a magical moment, like walking up the 18th. - Steve Davis

If the players vote against it I'll be astounded and the game will be a laughing stock. The press would laugh at us and sponsors and TV would be astounded that a chance like that would be wasted. Certain people who are against it would cut off their nose to spite their face. - Steve Davis

Mark Selby 13-11 Ronnie O'Sullivan
For the majority of the match I don't think I scored well enough and I had to revert to plan B. I never give in which is my strategy anyway and I managed to keep grinding it out. It's not all about big breaks.

You could look at it from both sides, he would have been gutted he wasn't further in front same as myself. I'd take 4-4 irrelevant of who your playing it's not a bad start to a best of 25 match.

I felt as though I had every chance, until they get to 13 which is the number required in the quarter-finals.

He played well this afternoon and probably deserved to be in front but there's a massive difference between 9-7 and 10-6. to win those last two frames was massive for me.

You get nerves in anay match, in my first match against Ken (Doherty) I was nervous but played well and came through. It's what the Crucible is all about, ever since I was a kid is to go on and win the World Championship so it's a little bit of added pressure for me. For someone like Ronnie who's been there and done he doesn't show his nerves as much as me or other players.

I had a few down (supporters) probably about fifteen but not as many as him.

Same as every other match, one frame at a time, one ball at a time. Graeme has been World Champion before and knows what to expect.

It's very special (the one table setup), I've only experienced it once but I'm going out there and relish it tomorrow. - Mark Selby

I cannot keep coming in here and moaning to you lot, And trying to get you know whats happening in my little world. So its probably the less said the better.

I have not felt confident and comfortable winning for the last seventeen to eighteen years, thats just how it is, so I'm not going to keep going on about it, it was just one of those games.

You kind of get to know your own endings sometimes, your watching it thinking anything can happen but inside you kind of know whats going to pan out.

Its like a long drawn out affair sometimes.

I've felt like that for a long time, even the world titles that I've won.

It was relief when it was over. Becauce at no time did I feel I was in control of my game or myself.

So it can become quite a painful experience a lot of the time.

I've stuck it for a long time, longer than anticipated to do. So there is some positives because I know I've tried my hardest.

The competitive side of me wants to perform, and win and I want it to hurt when I lose.

I don't play well in practice, so its not like I can say its the pressure,competition or whatever. So thats how bad it is sometimes to pot a ball. I wasn't like that up until I was sixteen years old. For a long time its been a struggle,and probably because of my ability its been my bad game that has got me through the last sixteen years playing poor.

The positives that I can take out of it are that I know I have been a great player, I am a great player, its just a shame that I have not been able to perform the way I used to.

I just have to take matches like that on the chin.

I don't need snooker, no I don't. I love the game, its been great to me, I love the game. I will always be involved in the game, because its in my blood but I don't need it really but its like a drug.

I know I will miss it,I will always be thinking what if, but I've had seventeen years of trying and hoping thinking my game can turn around. But I know I've given it my best, I cannot give it anymore than I have done. - Ronnie O'Sullivan

I just concentrate on my own game and my own game seems to be good enough to beat him at the moment. - Mark Selby

Ali Carter 13-12 Shaun Murphy
It was a great match to be involved in and an even better match for me as I ran out the winner. 8-4 down at the interval I felt awful but in a way that helped me as I let go and decided whatever happens, happens> I started to hit a bit of form, took a bit of momentum into tonight.

Against Joe Perry I was 10-6 up then 11-10 down then played some of my best stuff. I felt my best when it was 11-11 or 12-12 which doesn't make sense, you think you'd feel the worst but I just got stuck in.

You have too look hard at what you want, at least I did. Lots of things went through my head when I was potting the balls, I just thought of my son to be honest. Make it more purposeful not just for me but to do it for someone else.

I still can't win so I'll turn up and see what happens. A great player Neil, a tournament winner so it will be a tough match for me. Every match is a tough match so it will be no different for me. I'm still in the tournament but I don't feel as if I'm playing my best stuff yet, if you can stay in and give yourself a chance to play the next day that's all you can do. - Ali Carter

I dont know why we had a best of 25 frame match, we should have had a one frame shoot out.

Thats snooker, its what happens at the Crucible every year. You see it every year. Last year we all saw John Higgins win the close games.

I've got a sneaker feeling this could be Ali's year. It coulld be his turn to lift the trophy.

I had my chances in the match and you can ask of no more. I had a chance at 12-11 and a chance at 12-12. And has a professional sportsman I can ask of no more.

When it comes down to it I didn't pot the balls when needed.

It's been an average season, looking at that last frame, its a bit like my season. Had the opportunities but failed to take them.

I'll have a few weeks off, take stock of things and come back next year. - Shaun Murphy