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So here we go again....

Postby Tubberlad

Mid-April. Gorgeous weather (where I'm standing from anyway). Anticipation. Excitement. Yes, another year has passed already, the dust has well and truly settled on John Higgins' third successful Crucible campaign, and 32 tuxedoed gladiators lie in wait to battle yet again for the greatest prize this most glorious of games has to offer.

The predictions will now be put to the test, as will the nerves of all players & fans everywhere. We know who we're rooting for. We've convinced ourselves it can happen. But as we all know, these 17 joyous days of snooker never follow a script. And therein lies the appeal of this wondrous event.

For you see, what makes this competition so special is the sense of mystery that accompanies it. Nobody actually knows who's coronation will take place on the Bank Holiday Monday, try as we might to predict. However there is one crucial aspect that continuously draws us in.

Every single World Championship conjures it's fair share of epic drama, awesome hammerings, beautifully crafted breaks, intrigueing safety, joyous victories, soul destroying defeats, extraordinary shocks... and above all, memories to last a lifetime.

As much as fans may bicker, as much as opinions differ, we are all united by a love of one tournament. As we read the previews, trawl the forums, listen to the views of those in the know, an excitement builds that we all bask in. As we see the advertisements, it all becomes real. Every year, the moment that opens snooker's equivalent of Christmas is the same. When I hear that morning sports bulletin and hear those words we long to hear each and every year: The World Snooker Championship get underway today at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre.

Long may it last. Here we go again.