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Brugge Open - Live Scoring

Postby Snookered

I've decided to create a new thread for this because with all the posts in the other thread it will soon end up about 5 pages behind and no-one will bother looking.

Saturday Matches

9am BST

Barry Pinches 1-4 Neil Robertson
Jimmy White 4-0 Chris Henry
Shaun Murphy 4-1 Kuldesh Johal
Ian Glover 1-4 Craig Steadman
Jack Lisowski 4-0 Luc Heirewegh
Peter Ebdon 4-3 Michael Holt
Paul Davison 1-4 Stephen Hendry
Peter Lines 4-2 Ryan Day

10.30am BST

Michael Wasley 3-4 Ding Junhui
Stephen Maguire 4-2 Dermont McGlinchy
Andy Hicks 4-0 Reanne Evans
Mark Joyce 4-3 David Grace
Liu Chuang 4-0 James Welsh
Mark Williams 4-2 Joe Delaney

11am BST

Nigel Bond 4-1 Jamie Walker
Patrick Einsle 0-4 Curd Persijn
Allan Taylor 2-4 Matthew Couch
Marco Fu 4-0 Patrick Wallace
Adrian Gunnell 4-0 James McBain

12pm BST

Steve Davis v David Morris
Daniel Wells 4-3 Michael Judge
Jamie Cope 4-2 Yvan Van Velthoven
Rory McLeod v Marcin Nitschke
Ricky Walden 4-1 Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon

12.30pm BST

Justin Astley 4-0 Pierre Dethier
Michael White 4-0 Maurice Le Duc
Joe Swail 3-4 James Wattana
Mark King 4-0 Yannick Poullain
Joe Perry 2-1 Robbie Williams

1.30pm BST

Liu Song 3-0 Lasse Munstermann
Mark Selby 2-0 Jamie O'Neill

Last 64

Mark Joyce 1-0 Shaun Murphy
Craig Steadman 0-1 Chen Zhe
Neil Robertson v Jimmy White
Jack Lisowski v Peter Ebdon
Stephen Hendry 0-0 Peter Lines
Ding Junhui v Stephen Maguire
Andy Hicks v Liu Chuang
Mark Williams v Nigel Bond
Curd Persijn v Mathew Couch
Marco Fu v Adrian Gunnell
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Re: Brugge Open - Live Scoring

Postby Wildey

Well World Snooker Live Scoring is down so heres your chance show us what you got.

Re: Brugge Open - Live Scoring

Postby Wildey

heres 1 for you

Daniel Wells 4-3 Michael Judge