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EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Monique

Jan Scheers, press officer of BBSA (Belgian Snooker and Billiard Association) has today distributed a booklet by email regarding EPTC2 to be held in Brugge, Belgium

this is an excerpt

Who will be there?

As the event carries ranking points most of the main
tour players and many amateurs will enter and travel to
the event. EPTC 1,which is being played in Furth,
Germany has 222 entries!

JimmyWhite the 6 times world finalist, the Grand Prix
and Masters champion,will be holding an exhibition to
open up the event against selected Belgian players.
Ronnie O’Sullivan, Stephen Hendry,MarkWilliams &
Shaun Murphy
have already entered the event.Top
Belgium players Luca Brecel and Bjorn Hanaveer will
also be playing in the tournament. for the €50,000
prize fund.

The format:

Thursday 30th September will be qualification day. We
have to get the tournament down to 128 players by
Friday 1st October 2010. JimmyWhite will play a
welcome exhibition on the openingThursday night
where we will invite important people from the area to
attend as our guests,meet JimmyWhite and watch the
exhibition. Ticket entry for theThursday will be €10
euros for all day play and there will only be 1 catogory
of ticket. For a futher €10 euro people attending the
play in the day can upgrade this ticket for a €20
exhibition ticket. General Sales tickets for the
exhibition will be €20. The ticket prices for Friday,
Saturday and Sunday play are as follows VIP €135 3
day pass including backstage pass (120 max). Kat 1 3
day pass €88.,.Kat 2 3 day pass €77 . Kat1 Friday
€21, Sat €32 Sun €47. Kat2 Friday €19, Sat €27 Sun

I'll post more soon.

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Wildey

will you be going to this mon ?

if you do take your laptop and a webcam <laugh>

what are the odds on these european events being televised...

im thinking the world series was televised on eurosport these are sort of taking over from them.

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Noel

jafinkesaurus wrote:ginge got ronnie. yay

You don't mean in the "biblical sense" I hope!



Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Madz

jafinkesaurus wrote:ginge got ronnie. yay

he also got ferret, yay :roll: I hope ginge is feeling lucky. :huh2:

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Wildey ... osing_Date)-2541.htm?tid=187

EPTC2 Closing Date

All professional and amateur players, please be reminded that the closing date for entries for EPTC2 is Tuesday, August 31.

The event runs from September 30 to October 3 (including amateur pre-qualifying day if required) in Bruges, Belgium.

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Monique

Lee Gorton who is organising this event with Brandon Parker asked me to broadcast the following information:

- tickets are selling fast and that there is only 400 Kat 1 tickets on sale.
- as Wild already reminded us above, closing dates for entries into the tournaments is no later than Tuesday.
- Lee has been told that Ronnie will definitely be in Bruges as he had to pull out of Furth.

The site for the event is now up and running
Tickets infos are available here

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby vinot

So... Last day to enter is today. Wonder if we are gonna see a list of participants anyday soon. The germans were good in posting the list way ahead, so you could follow the entry list building on. This time, I have yet to see such a list. Ah well, it's back to putting your faith in old worldsnooker again, I guess. :roll:

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Roland

StalinESQ wrote:In Bruges <ok>

Watched that again last night.

"They're filming midgets!"

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Wildey

vinot wrote:So... Last day to enter is today. Wonder if we are gonna see a list of participants anyday soon. The germans were good in posting the list way ahead, so you could follow the entry list building on. This time, I have yet to see such a list. Ah well, it's back to putting your faith in old worldsnooker again, I guess. :roll:

the list and draw will probably be made and published after the shanghai masters.

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Monique

The players list has been updated and here it is

Mark Allen
Zhang Anda
Justin Astley
Stuart Bingham
Nigel Bond
Alfie Burden
Marcus Campbell
Allister Carter
Liu Chuang
Jamie Cope
Matthew Couch
Dominic Dale
Mark Davis
Steve Davis
Paul Davison
Ryan Day
Joe Delaney
Ken Doherty
Graeme Dott
Tony Drago
Mike Dunn
Peter Ebdon
Patrick Einsle
Reanne Evans
Igor Figueiredo
Tom Ford
Marco Fu
Martin Gould
Gerard Greene
Adrian Gunnell
Xiao Guodong
Anthony Hamilton
Bjorn Haneveer
Dave Harold
Barry Hawkins
Stephen Hendry
Andy Hicks
Andrew Higginson
Liam Highfield
Michael Holt
Joe Jogia
Jak Jones
Jamie Jones
Kuldesh Johal
Mark Joyce
Michael Judge
Ding Junhui
Mark King
Rod Lawler
Stephen Lee
Peter Lines
Jack Lisowski
Kurt Maflin
Stephen Maguire
James McBain
Ian McCulloch
Anthony McGill
Dermot McGlinchey
Rory McLeod
Alan McManus
Jimmy Michie
Robert Milkins
David Morris
Shaun Murphy
Fergal O'Brien
Jamie O'Neill
Ronnie O'Sullivan
Andrew Pagett
Joe Perry
Barry Pinches
Jimmy Robertson
Neil Robertson
Noppon Saengkham
Mark Selby
Matthew Selt
Matthew Stevens
Joe Swail
Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon
Judd Trump
Ricky Walden
Patrick Wallace
James Wattana
Liang Wenbo
Jimmy White
Michael White
Adam Wicheard
Mark Williams
Kyren Wilson
Ben Woollaston
Phil Barnes
Ronni Beniesch
Hans Blanckaert
Luca Brecel
Oliver Brown
Ian Glover
David Grace
Sam Harvey
Nick Jennings
Maurice Le Duc
Mitchell Mann
Lasse Munstermann
Chris Norbury
Andrew Norman
Martin O'Donnell
Tomasz Skalski
Liu Song
Craig Steadman
Alex Taubman
Allan Taylor
Jamie Walker
Michael Wasley
Mario Wehrmann
Daniel Wells
Michael Wild
Robbie Williams
Chen Zhe
Danny Douane
Danny D'Hoore
Gwen Engels
Pascal Durnez
Ian Burns
David Singh
Jurgen Vandenbossche
Laurens De Staelen
Lieven Vanthournout
Jan Goossens
Olivier Coucke
Luc Heirewegh
Pierre Dethier
Kurt Vanoverberghe
Guido Taloen
Jean-Pierre Deblaere
Peter Bullen
Erwin Goethals
Rene Hemelsoet
Eddy Kindermans
Olivier Vandenbohede
Gino Verheyde
Pascal Raes
Yvan van Velthoven
Alain Vandersteen
Tino De Witte
Jurgen Van Roy
Kris Van Landeghem
Bert Van Tiggelen
Kevin Van Hove-Speltincx
Curd Persijn
Yannick Poulain
Dirk Coppens
Mario Van Herk
Kevin Van Den Broeck
Diana Schuler
Julius Grauls
Tim Van Gouberghen
Chris Henry
Edwin Depoorter
James Welsh
Suriya Suwannasingh
Aditya Mehta
Rune Kamp
Andy Kusan

source: ... 1572301202

this is the event page on Facebook. click on the "info" tab for the list.

Interesting to note that Ding has entered this event ...

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Roland

My first thought was that a lot of Chinese players would normally wait until after the Shanghai before heading back to the UK.

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Wildey

The Deadline is Past so im guessing thats the final line up ? and No Stephen Maguire again but good to see Ding take a bow this time.

I Think what Ding has done is stay home until the shanghai masters have family time then go to shanghai then fly to Britain for the World Open and his season started.

Pity hes out of the Running for the PTC Finals but his choice and he made it.

89 out of 96 main tour players entered.

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby vinot

Wow, that was prior to what I had expected. Great job Monique! I see they have updated the snookerbelgium-site with a player list too, so I'd say the list is pretty confirmed. I haven't compared the facebook and snookerbelgium startlists, but I assume theyr'e identical.

Snookerbelgium link here:

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby vinot

And no John Higgins in the starting blocks yet... Has there been any news on his situation for some time now?

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Monique

The hearing is scheduled on 7&8 of September, a week from now, so after that John will know his fate and. if cleared, will be able to enter events.
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Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Thompson Lykes

surprised to see Mark Allen's name. wasn't he moaning about money last week and how he only got a grand compared to five last year or something like that. surely it would cost more to enter this than he might earn? or has he not worked that out?

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby randam05

If these tournaments in Germany and Belgium have got an audience have they not yet thought about a camera? and some internet live streaming. Hmm... Next season perhaps.

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Wildey

randam05 wrote:If these tournaments in Germany and Belgium have got an audience have they not yet thought about a camera? and some internet live streaming. Hmm... Next season perhaps.

yes im surprise about that myself and the fact there wasn't streaming from the Paul Hunter Classic snake hissed me off and i got a bit irritable about it.

Re: EPTC2 event - Belgium

Postby Monique

Media release

International Snooker Comes to Belgium

The European Players Tour Championship 2 at the Boudewijn Sea Park Sept 30 to Oct 3

One of the most exciting new snooker events in Europe comes to Bruges at the end of September.

The European Players Tour Championship 2 is the first pro-am tournament of its kind to take place in Belgium. It reflects a new approach to the sport – allowing fans and amateur players the closest ever access to top players.

Many of the world’s best professionals will be competing for a prize pot of 50,000 Euros at Boudewijn Seapark from September 30 to October 3.

No less than six former World Champions – Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Ken Doherty, Mark Williams, Ronnie O’Sullivan & Shaun Murphy have already signed up, along with Masters Champion Mark Selby, Tony Drago and Stephen Maguire.

Top Belgian players competing include Luca Brecel and Bjorn Haneveer.

The EPTC 2 is the second in a new series of six pro-am tournaments. The first, at Furth in Germany, attracted more than 220 entrants and was won by England’s Judd Trump.

The tournament is being co-promoted by UK sports management firm Q Manager, in partnership with Olivier Vandenbohede, owner of the The Trickshot Snooker and Pool Club in Bruges, and UK sports entertainment firm Dragonstar.

Lee Gorton, Director of Q Manager, said: “This is the new face of snooker and reflects the strong grassroots interest in the sport in countries like Belgium.

“We’re expecting just as strong interest in Belgium as there is in Germany and are very pleased to be working with our venue partner Boudewijn Seapark, which is providing excellent facilities.”

The new approach is epitomised by the tournament’s Cuezone, where members of the public will have the chance to meet the players and challenge them to a fun game of speed snooker or ‘6 reds’.

Dragonstar Director Brandon Parker, also a Director of World Snooker, said: “Belgium has very successful and active snooker leagues and thousands of players and fans who are avid watchers of World Snooker ranking events on TV. This event is an exciting next step for the sport in the country.

“We’re finding this format is really popular with spectators as well as players and generates real excitement. Continental audiences get very vocal and cheer on their players which is a new phenomenon for this level of snooker tournament.”

He said top professional and amateur players are taking part because the EPTC events carry World Snooker ranking points. The top six amateur players, over the six tournaments, will also gain automatic wild card entries to the German Masters in Berlin in May 2011.

Geertrui Quaghebeur, Commercial Manager at Boudewijn Seapark, said: “We are very pleased to welcome the EPTC 2 to our park. We have every confidence that it will become a very popular annual event. Having such a prestigious tournament here is very good for Bruges.”

Lee Gorton said he is delighted that The Leonardo Hotel in Bruges has been confirmed as official hotel partner for the event, and will be providing accommodation for many of the players, management and tournament officials.

He added that there were still event sponsorship and advertising opportunities for companies that wanted to be involved with what promises to be a very popular event.

Bruges’ festival of snooker ‘breaks-off’ in style with six-time world finalist, Jimmy ‘Whirlwind’ White playing a challenge match against a Belgium select team on the opening night.

A range of ticket packages for the entire tournament are available, including VIP options which give spectators access to all areas, including the player’s lounge. For more information just visit


For all media inquiries please contact Andy Comber at matm:
Telephone: +44 (0)1952 883526
Mobile: +44 (0)7889 630440

Tournament schedule

Pre-event: Thursday September 30
Amateur Qualifying Day
Exhibition match – Jimmy White vs Belgium Select Team
Players Practice Session

Day 1: Friday October 1
The last 128 begins (best of seven frames)

Day 2: Saturday October 2
Main tournament continues
Plate competition for losers in the last 128 (best of 5 frames)  

Day 3: Sun October 3
Plate final (best of x frames)
Last 16 & Last 8 (best of 7 frames)
Semi-finals & final (best of 7 frames)