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Re: Pankaj Advani

Postby Wildey

Obviously with success comes responsibility and you’ve got to do your bit as an ambassador for the sport in your country and be involved in as many promotional activities as you can, but I also feel it is the job of the national federation of each country to use their top players to promote the game in their region. But I will always support whatever promotional activities happen because I feel it is a duty to be involved in popularising the game.

could someone try and explain that to Ronnie he is only 37 and still not taken that in.

Re: Pankaj Advani

Postby Wildey

really enjoyed the insight of a player like Pankaj Advani that has two strings to his bow

and on that note

During the interview we touched on the clash of dates between the IBSF World Billiards Championships and the International Championship at the end of October. Pankaj was clearly in the midst of a dilemma at the time and didn’t know what was happening, however this subsequent article best sums up the current situation. No one reading this interview would blame him for choosing billiards this time around given his ties with the game, but at the same time you’re all secretly hoping he chooses snooker so we can get another look at him.

im hoping he chooses Snooker this time around because its the best thing for his career at this moment in time

yes he feels loyalty to billiards and that is a great trait to have he isnt a man that puts money in front of integrity but for me The Chance of playing Ding in china is a massive opportunity for him that i think he would be foolish to not take his place in the draw.

but ultimately the decision is his and nobody else.

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Postby PLtheRef

He's picked the billiards