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ROS – Snooker’s Best Promoter

Postby N_Castle07

A lot has been said of Ronnie O’Sullivan’s post match interviews of late. Most are annoyed at his comments. It has been said in the past that Ronnie doesn’t promote this game but this is not true at all. Ronnie is without a doubt Snooker’s biggest promoter IMO. Like Higgins (Alex) he takes all the headlines for the wrong reasons but this is still promotion. He is the one who gets snooker in the papers, headbut incident, drug test incident, china incident the list is endless. And I know a lot of people are going to say “yes but he is in the papers for the wrong reasons,” any press is good press. He is getting the average man reading about snooker and wanting to know what he is going to do and say next. Ronnie hasn’t won as much titles as Hendry and Davis but I bet Ronnie is the richest of the three and this is because of his controversial personality.

Re: ROS – Snooker’s Best Promoter

Postby GJ

I dont mind him getting publicity but its his constant belittling of his fellow pro's that is pathetic especially in his post match interviews its getting boring.

Re: ROS – Snooker’s Best Promoter

Postby Smart

I love his style of play - the panache is unmatched by anyone, but like most I have grown very tired of hearing horse-shit in the post match interviews. When he is on a wind up that is all well and good, but there are times where he is saying things in a sincere fashion that insults peoples intellect. You know when you seen something good or bad...... really do not need to be kidded along. :wave:

Re: ROS – Snooker’s Best Promoter

Postby Wildey

N Castle

Ronnie comes over in interviews as Bored Rigid with the sport how is that going to promote the sport if the World No 1 looks like a miserable git that would rather work in Jewsons selling Nails ?