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Do I have a problem?

Postby SnookerFan

I wasn't going to go to the Welsh Open this year, but it's struck me that if I get a coach from London at 8am one of the days, I could be up there before 11am. The coach pulls in to Newport, right next door to the Newport Centre. I could grab myself a fry up, dive in and watch an afternoons play. As long as I was out of the Newport Centre and across the road for the 7:30pm coach I could get back into London for gone 10pm, get a train back to Croydon, go to bed...

Worth doing, anyone? It'd save on hotel bills. Nice couple of pubs in Newport, I have the week off. Or do I need to seek professional help?

Re: Do I have a problem?

Postby Wildey

mate after that round trip it better be a good match lol