Robertson Ends Davis’ Fairytale Bid

by Suzy Jardine

Neil Robertson brought Steve Davis’ gallant bid for a seventh world title to an end in Sheffield.

Resuming at 12-4 the Australian needed just one frame to knock out the 52 year old, six times former world champion. Before the match had even restarted, however, the crowd had dissolved into fits of laughter thanks to the intervention of MC Rob Walker.

Rob, who performs the task of introducing the players, inadvertently introduced Steve as Dennis Taylor – the man who Davis will face in a special exhibition tomorrow. Davis himself entered into the fun of the moment by borrowing a pair of spectacles from a member of the audience and wore them upside down (a la Taylor) for a few moments.

Giggles aside, it was soon back to the serious business of a second round match that needed completion, and with the tension released it was Davis who was determined to bow out of the championships in style. Taking full advantage of Neil’s mistake of missing a yellow to the corner pocket, Davis stroked in a mid-length red and made a break of 59 to take the opener and cut his deficit to 12-5.

The Nugget had first chance in what was to be the final frame of the match, following Robertson’s missed attempt at a long red which smashed into the pack. Looking settled on a run of 27, Davis saw his effort come to an end as he was forced to play safe after running out of position. Despite finding the baulk end of the table he could only look on as Neil spotted a long red. Powering it in, Robertson made a flawless clearance of 107 to seal a 13-5 victory and put himself into the semi-finals for the second year in succession.

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